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"No Dramas!" means "no worries" or "everything is fine" in australian slang.

Kennel No Dramas is a small hobby kennel and we currently have two lovely australian cattle dogs Muuki (Scanbull Ronmuuki) and Ella (Cruela Kazari Toyo-Ken) residing with us. In addition we co-own one import male from Australia Eddie (Mystar Special Edition) with kennel Karjapeni.

The first Australian Cattle Dog came to be with us 9 years ago, when I was looking for an active middle sized dog that would learn easily and that could acompany me everywhere I go.

Muki Ja Marge

Scanbull Ronmuuki and Marge

I was having in mind a dog similar to that we had long time ago in my grandmothers farm - a red dog with pricked ears, named Muki (regular name for mutt in Estonia). Luckily I met just a dog like that in one of the dog shows. A dog that was middle sized, alert and full of action. That was an Australian Cattle Dog. Although I had a preference regarding colour, there was a litter of blue pups available in kennel Scanbull in Estonia. As we know the colour does not make a dog, so I came home with the dearest light blue coloured pup. Muuki grew up to be a dog with balanced character and a true gentleman he is. Two years later we importred with Lada Mehikas (kennel Karjapeni) a blue male pup from Australia to add to our lines here. Eddie has had litters in Estonia and in Finland as well. Another blue australian cattle dog came to us from Czeck Republic, where there was an interesting litter of only blue pups sired by a dog from a Canadian kennel known worldwide combined with American lines along dam's side. I had my plans made up for Ella and we started training obedience and agility.

I am sure there will always be australian cattle dogs in our family in the future as well. Hopefully I will have my dream of a red australian cattle dog come true.

Marge Martin